Toddler Storytime, Thursday, May 21


Thursday, May 21 seems so long ago – after a weekend of camping in the great outdoors – that I hardly remember it now. There were a lot of my familiar faces, and all went smoothly.


My new book to old book ratio this time around was 2:1. I used my flannel cut-outs with Today is Monday, and then got a big kick out of the children’s reactions to Where is the Green Sheep? (a good book for talking about what the sheep are doing in the pictures and confirming that we hadn’t yet seen the green sheep) and Nighty Night, Little Green Monster, which reveals the cutest little monster ever. It’s a sweet book.

In other news, Mama Bear and Daddio are in Seattle right now, and Mama Bear sent me this picture – how neat! I would go to see this; wouldn’t you?


Links! (Lots about Judy Blume, as her new book comes out soon!)

This is in the top spot, because I think it’s a scream. I could NOT stop laughing.

Ugh, this is just not okay. 

Some “screw you” book dedications.

Not the most clever from McSweeneys: Little Pulp Fiction Women. 

From Coworker L:

Austen’s hotties, ranked. I will not reveal #1 here – you must look, and no, it’s not Darcy.

From Family Friend Jill’s blog:

Think carefully before you review a book online.

From Friend D:

If you take a book, isn’t every bar a library bar?

Edward Gorey’s most notable covers.

See below, but here’s a literary smackdown between Bill Gates and Osama bin Laden.

From Friend E:

What’s Bill Gates reading?

(Stolen) From Friend M:

You might be (or might make a good) librarian if…

From Friend T:

The books were great, and it looks as if SyFy may have gotten the adaptation right.

From Library Friend D:

Hark, a Vagrant! tackles the Brontes (see below for more Bronte action)

From Mama Bear:

Want some sexy sex time, according to Our Jane? Hit the seashore.

An interesting story about one of the first real “children’s” books.

Judy Blume knows all your secrets.

The New York Times review of Judy Blume’s new book, In the Unlikely Event.

A generous gesture to the Baltimore City libraries.

ALL OF THESE. YA forever!

Clearly library paste was before my time.

Snacks to pair with some kickin’ new YA books.

Another author who’s becoming a bookseller – and this one might surprise you.

From Sister A:

It’s comforting to know that the Queen of the Puberty Books was a late bloomer.

“Oh, to be a fly on the wall,” Sister A wrote about this photo.

Her subject line to me: “This may be the only time you see dementors referenced in an article about the Orioles.”

I want it nowwwwwww #VerucaSalt

If you’re going to jump all over Go Set a Watchman, might as well reread To Kill a Mockingbird first, right?

So here’s a funny story. A few weekends ago when Sister A came to visit, we had occasion to bring up Al Hirschfeld twice (once by Brian Selznick!), hilariously. Not that he’s such a random topic, but hey, how often does he come up in conversation, and twice in a weekend? Then the next day was Mother’s Day, so we met up with the parents. It turns out that the parents had gone antiquing and Mama Bear had found a signed memoir in an antique store. Whose memoir? Al Hirschfeld’s. How weird is that? So then Sister A sent this link, with the subject, “This was on my Zite… I’m just saying.”

In What’s Annabelle Reading, the only book I’ve finished lately is On the Banks of Plum Creek, in my Laura Ingalls Wilder re-reading. But I’m in the middle of another book for a project with Friend E, so I promise I’ll report on that once we finish.


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