Preschool, Wednesday, June 24, and Babies, Friday, June 26


Two fabulous storytimes, right across the board. I don’t know if that’s luck (probably) or good planning (at this point, with almost two years under my belt as a librarian, possibly), but I had a super group of visiting students who were just delightful. I practically begged them to come back again – the kids participated, the adults were attentive and interested – what a treat!


We had a lot of fun with You’re Finally Here! (though it took them a minute or two to get into it), but they loved If I had a Dragon and The Monkey Goes Bananas, especially since the last book was so participatory: what was the monkey doing? How was he trying to get the bananas? Why did this attempt work or not? They had great ideas!

I had about six or seven adult/baby “couples” on Friday, some younger infants, some older babies, and they were such good participants, as usual. For some reason, I was just a fountain of literacy tips, and it was a nice conversation to have with the adults.

Also, I’ve learned that I don’t need to focus so much on books with the babies – that sounds wrong to my librarian ears – but that songs will do, as will bounces and rhythm movements. For instance, I just learned “Pizza, Pickle, Pumpernickel” and used it on Friday with them. As you can see, it’s so short that it can be done twice, easily, which is good: the first time, we (the adults) are still learning it, and the second time we know it better and have more confidence with things like poking noses and tickling.

One of the great things about working in the library is learning about books I may not have heard of. I almost fell out of my chair the other day hearing about a series by Jo Nesbo. (Yes, the Scandinavian mystery/thriller writer Jo Nesbo.) But guess what? She also writes about farts. Specificially, a children’s chapter book called Dr. Proctor’s Fart Powder and its sequels, Bubble in the Bathtub, Who Cut the Cheese, and The Magical Fruit.

I love farts. But more importantly, so do kids.

In other news, there are going to be some personnel changes at my branch – some staffers coming and going, and a leadership change, too. Those kinds of things are hard to get used to, but the good news is that Interim Boss (who’s been here for, what, two months? Three months?) is now becoming just Boss, and continuity is always good. So I’m pleased about that. She has good ideas, and I’m looking forward to working more with her.


In the top spot: When you write crappy books that glorifiy an abusive and controlling relationship, and then you invite people to participate in your Twitter AMA, it’s not going to go well.

This isn’t technically book-based, but given that “If You’re Happy and You Know It” is one of my storytime standards, I just had to share this one.

The first of two links today about the importance of grammar. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

So pretty! (Though I’d naturally be like, “Dammit, I’m assigned to Breaking Dawn this year?”)

To learn more about the darker humor of Uncle Shelby, I highly recommend this snarky piece..

From Friend D:

Let me tell you something about the Morgan Library – they have the BEST exhibits anywhere. Go if you can. Mama Bear and I once went to see Our Jane’s letters. In the flesh. Amazing.

Great news for the New York Public Library system!

You think you know Nancy Drew. You do not know Nancy Drew.

A great investment for libraries (assuming it doesn’t get broken or stepped on…)

From Friend L:

Millicent Spinmander and I invented a spell in Slytherin with my cat.

From Friend P:

Yes. Yes it can. 

From Mama Bear:


The anatomy of a grammar nerd. Boy, do I tag all the bases or what? Librarian, single, female, college-educated…?

Congratulations to every challenged/banned book out there, whether or not you’re tallied appropriately by the ALA.

From Sister A:

Art from the sequel to one of the oddest, but funniest picture books in recent years.

Another Birthday Twin movie will hit the silver screen.

Getcher tickets now!

In What’s Annabelle Reading, man, I have just busted through a whole variety of books lately, so here we go. I like creepy books that aren’t outright scary (I do love scary books, but I also like just plain creepy ones), but I thought Andrew Pyper’s The Damned was pretty solid. Then it was over to a middle grade chapter book (that means not a super-easy children’s book, but not a YA book – let’s call it “tween”) that I thought was excellently done. Then it was over to YA for a disturbing book that I breezed through, Stained (I don’t know why I read what I read, don’t judge me).

The best book I read throughout this cluster was the first in a YA trilogy, The Vault of Dreamers, about a reality show in an arts high school where the teens are mined for dreams. I can’t wait to see the next two. Finally, I loved loved loved my first foray into Laura Lippman’s mysteries. This one, By a Spider’s Thread, was out of the series sequence, but it’s just so much fun to read about my hometown and recognize landmarks from my childhood. She even mentioned the street where I grew up! Multiple times! Hey there, Baltimore!


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