Ones storytime, Thursday, July 9, and Baby Lapsit, Friday, July 10


I’ve tried to start this post a few different ways, with jokes, or profanities, but there’s just really no other way than to be straight up with it: this week has been a personal and professional health disaster.

I was fine on Monday. On Tuesday I woke up with a worse than usual sore throat, earache, body aches, etc. (I usually get a mild sore throat to indicate that a cold is coming down the pike, but this was a rager. It even hurt when I wasn’t swallowing.) So I took my very first sick day since joining the library, stayed home and slept all day, and then decided to go to the Urgent Care clinic for a strep test, just in case. (It was negative.)

Wednesday I went in with a developing cough and no sore throat or earache. “Hey, maybe the worst is behind me,” I thought naively.

Oh, no. HA. HAAAAAAA. Ha ha ha diddly ha.

Because on Thursday it turned into laryngitis. I have no voice. Well, I do. A little one. It’s scratchy and raspy and it’s just enough to get by, but not enough to do storytime.

But guess who did storytime anyway? Guess who’s a glutton for punishment? (It’s not like my coworkers didn’t offer to take my storytimes. They’re lovely. I naively thought I could just muddle through and be fine.)

And I was fine, but I just wondered why I didn’t accept their offer.

This was my first Ones down in the Great Hall of our library, in front of SIXTY one-year-olds and their adults. I introduced myself as Annabelle the Frog (which got a laugh), because I had a frog in my throat, and I just battled through the best I could. It was wretched.


And why, oh why, didn’t I switch out a song book (the terrific Wheels on the Bus by Jane Cabrera) for something else?

Today wasn’t as bad – it was my baby lapsit and I had a nice, small crowd – but I still sounded like a dying donkey.


These were both new books  – This Jazz Man and Only You – and I can’t wait to use them again when I can do them both justice.

Note to self: next time, just accept someone’s offer graciously when they ask if I want to give up my storytime.


In the top spot: I admire this young woman almost more than anyone on the planet – truly.

I love this. The times, they are a-changin’.

And you all know how I feel about Ramona Q. (I still have the tape, yes, tape, with all the TV episodes.)

The rule is that you ALWAYS read before watching. ALWAYS.

American Girls: kicking ass and taking names!

From Friend D:

I would in a second, depending how haunted it is. Very? Sign me up!

Because Norton Juster has synesthesia! Just like the main character in A Mango-Shaped Space, which, really, everyone should read, because it’s awesome.

I got 9/26, because I don’t cook or bake.

“Baaaaaaalzac!” #themusicman

Some of NYC’s most secret libraries.

Death and the Brontes go hand in hand. This is a fascinating article about those two topics (and hair jewelry, which is intriguing, I promise).

A quiet life, would be my guess.

From Friend J:

It’s about time we saw more racial diversity.

From Friend P:

When librarians go to war, they go to war. And look at those snazzy uniforms.

From Mama Bear:


Yes. So much yes to this amazing book, and we will not discuss the sequel.

So Mama Bear sent Sister A and me a picture of a red wheelbarrow in their garage and texted, “Okay, what’s the joke?” and I wrote back, “So much depends upon it…” and then I thought how lucky I am to have at least one parent who thinks like I do.

“Happened to all of us,” Mama Bear wrote in her email to me. But I can’t help feeling there’s something wrong with me. Why did everyone love it and I didn’t?

A charming piece about Harper Lee and family.

Look, I don’t like slagging on other librarians (we’re a family), but they were dead wrong in this case.

I love this building, but it’s about time.

Adorbs! But please don’t put them in library books.

From Sister A:

This is the ultimate literary road trip!

And here are some literary maps along the same theme.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished the odd but compulsively readable The Library at Mount Char, which I swiped off the ARC cart at work.  Then I found at a local Little Free Library (yay!) hardback of Jenny Lawson’s (The Bloggess) Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and could not stop laughing. Two quite different books back to back, no? Finally, in another attempt to whittle down my ARC pile, I read – and enjoyed quite a bit – The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon.


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