Outdoor storytime, Thursday, July 16, and Baby storytime, Friday, July 17


My voice is mostly back, though not at full percentage, but at least this week I don’t sound like Darth Vader.


This is an actual, unphotoshopped image of me doing storytime last week.

Both storytimes went beautifully (voice normality notwithstanding), and I also found yet another book that works with any age.

For the outdoor storytime, I’m getting used to having a variety of ages pop up, so I come prepared.  Having a growing arsenal of any-age books, too, is superuseful.


I accidentally went all bedtime theme because I found two adorable books that happened to be bedtimey: Thank You, Octopus (LOVE) and Time for Bed, Fred! Then, just for kicks, I threw in ye olde favorite Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, and voila, I have another any-age. The counting works nicely for babies; the repetition is just what toddlers need; and preschoolers love to sing along with the song, as I discovered on Thursday. Actually, more accurately, I discovered that they love to tell me that I’m singing it wrong (there’s a tune?).

Today, with the behbehs, I pulled it out again to read with Jane Cabrera’s Mommy, Carry Me Please


Which is when I discovered the part about the counting.

In this Pete the Cat book, (SPOILER ALERT) after Pete loses all his buttons, he realizes he still has his belly button left, so all is well. These storytimes were the first time in a long time that none of my storytimers flashed me their little bellybuttons. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but all the adults and I had a good laugh when I told them that.

Now it’s time to share some horrible news for me and you, my readers, but excellent news for my department: we have a new part-time coworker who will be doing nothing but storytimes for the foreseeable future. So I will still keep posting about library and book stuff, but won’t be doing as many (any?) storytimes. How wretched for me. I will miss them.

Little things make me happy. Our Maker Camp is going tremendously well. Each week has a theme. On my day last week, for movies, we made flip books (you may remember that I’d done them before in a STEAM program). In two weeks, for fun and games, well, you’ll just have to wait to find out what I’m doing.

I had two staff baby visits today! One during my storytime, and one when I was on desk in the children’s area. How fun to watch these little ones grow.

Earlier this week, our town held a fundraiser with a local fast-food place, who agreed to donate half of a person’s meal price to the library if you came in with a picture of the flyer advertising the promotion. We made over $5,000! I’m so grateful to all of my friends who selflessly donated their taste buds for a burrito fix.

I also realize I’ve not posted anything at all about the children’s illustrator project I’m doing as one of my goals, though I have plenty of pictures. It’s fascinating. Pictures/post coming soon, I swear.

Now for the really EXCITING news! I’m really thrilled to announce that our family friend and author Jill Morrow has just published her newest book, Newport! (I’m linking to it in Amazon and not in Worldcat; go buy it, you cheap bastards.) I’ve just started it – you all know I never talk about what books I’m reading, but only what I’ve finished reading – and it’s like taking a mental between-the-wars vacation to the shores of Newport, RI (I’m only about 15 pages in, but the atmosphere is sucking me in already.) Jill was interviewed by Baltimore public radio station WYPR, so take a listen and then go read the book. It’s my blog, I can plug whatever I want, so, again, go read it. Mazels to you, Jill!


The top spot: First, I have long desired to be Mallory Ortberg of The Toast when I grow up. Second, Rebecca is my most favorite book, and I feel confident in declaring it so. Third, people who also feel that way – the commenters – are my kindred spirits. Fourth, why did Maxim and his wife never, ever have this conversation? I mean, really? (Yes, yes, plot holes and all that, but come on.) Fifth, there is a real-life sequel to Rebecca, but it warrants no mention here. Go look it up yourselves if you’re curious; I refuse to link to it, it’s that bad.

“Are You Walking Toward Something You Should Be Running Away From?” (Which happens to be what I ask my friends when they are thinking about getting married and/or pregnant)

This is what should be inside the front cover of every copy of Go Set a Watchman.

From Friend D:

#booksnotbullets – Selfie up with your favorite books.

I don’t know which I like more: the article or the comments.

From Friend L:

Oh, boy… not for the faint of heart.

From Friend M:

An “Ideas Box” in NYC. Brilliant.

From Mama Bear:

I was wondering when the Confederate flag/Confederacy issue would come round to Gone With the Wind

How is “I must, I must, I must increase my bust!” not on here??

Why a Maryland bookstore won’t be selling Go Set a Watchman.

Oooh, “failed novel,” that’s harsh.

(I swear, I actually almost used the hashtag #thatswayharshtai on the above link, but for some insane reason I didn’t.) Clueless then, Clueless now, Clueless forever.

The great gift (what a true title) of reading aloud.

Have we seen the last days of dystopian YA fiction?

This is a woman who saw Halley’s Comet twice.

From Sister A:

Ten things you, the public, may not know about P&P. I knew most of them, because I have an unhealthy relationship with Our Jane.


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  1. Thank you for the NEWPORT shout-out, LibrariAnnabelle, blogger extraordinaire! I want to know what you think when you’re finished reading. Really.

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