A Week Without Storytimes…


…Is like a day without sun. Right? Well, close enough.

It’s extremely odd to go through a whole week of work without planning or holding a storytime. I feel sad to not be hanging with my little munchkins, to have an excuse to sing “The Wheels on the Bus” in public, for a reason, with purpose and feeling.

But Coworker M, who’s come and usurped helped shoulder the burden of our storytimes has done a terrific job (she’s done this for years and years and has an amazing rapport with kids). It does leave us, the main staff, free to do other things, like plan other programs or have more people on desk, both of which we need.


For the top spot: Friend L sent me this link with the oh-so presumptuous subject line “I think I may have found your top spot link for the blog.” He was right. 


I have been waiting for this. With two similar titles, it’s about time someone thought this up.

Yes, that Santana.

Some new YA nailbiters!

As with all XKCD comics, don’t forget to hover your mouse over it.

From Camp Friend D:

Isn’t this just so clever (and so very Japanese?)

From Friend D:

This is mesmerizing and gorgeous – watch it!

Kids love gross books. Dollars to doughnuts this one will be a hit.

One thought on the Harper Lee/Truman Capote theory…

And another.

Leonard Nimoy played Sherlock Holmes? Really?

An academic answer to a difficult question.

You’ll need a free account to read this, but: “What if Harper Lee were on Facebook?”

A bookstore coming back! Hooray!

From Mama Bear:

I really liked Crazy Rich Asians when I read it, and now there’s a sequel coming out. Mama Bear also sent me this.

We got the new book! / It’s funner than fun! / The problem, though, is / That it’s too quickly done!

Eccentric and fun, and there’s a great movie with everyone and their mother in it, as well.

Private porn libraries. Never tell me I don’t share great links with you all.

Possibly the best and last word on the subject, according to Mama Bear, particularly when she writes me these things in all caps.

From Sister A:

The movie version of Rebecca is not one to be sneezed at (so rare among film adaptations of great books). It was Hitchcock’s first Hollywood movie, and its importance isn’t to be underestimated.

This reads more like an obituary tribute than a mere appreciation, but the sentiments are worth your time.

Finally, before the next and obviously most important section, What’s Annabelle Reading, here’s a quick example of what our newest section of the library is doing: the Fab Lab. They have 3D printers, laser scanners, Raspberry Pi, and a bunch of other things I don’t understand. The below is on the door of one of the unisex staff bathrooms:


Yeah. They laser-cut that puppy out of wood. How neat is that?

Now, for What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished Newportby family friend Jill Morrow, and really adored it – its historical setting, how the plot unfolded chapter by chapter, as did the information she revealed about each character, and the rich details she added, too. The subplot of seances and the supernatural was a lot of fun. It would have been a perfect summer read by a beach, but the book was lacking in that no beach was provided. That was its only drawback.

Next, one of my holds came in, The Royal We, written by the ladies behind my favorite fashion blog, Go Fug Yourself. The book is basically the story of Will and Kate, but Kate’s an American (gasp). I’d expected it to be fluffier, but it was surprisingly not.

I’ve also read two more books: the predictably boring A Window Opens, which I plucked off the ARC cart at work, and the Gone Girl-like Dear Daughter, which I finished today and liked very much.


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