Outdoor Storytime, Thursday, August 6


Yesterday was a weather-perfect day for outdoor storytime: hot but breezy, not glaringly sunny, and shady. It was excellent. I started out with two toddlers, and grew to be dominated by preschoolers (one of my favorite, verbal groups).

IMG_2400 (1)

I had gone with the basics – ABCs and 123s – and a fun book, Hug Machine (although I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before; it’s hilarious), which I started off with. Feast For 10 is a great counting book; I asked the kids to hold up fingers matching the number I used. At the end, I read them Alligators All Around (one of the books in the Nutshell Library, which is comprised of AAA, Pierre, Chicken Soup With Riceand One Was Johnny. Together these books make up Really Rosie, one of my FAVORITE cartoons as a child – possibly out of print, now, sadly – with music by Carole King. And I can never remember a time when the Nutshell Library wasn’t on my nursery bookshelf, I know that.)

Actually, I didn’t read them AAA. I know it by heart, so I plain recited it to them. And on certain letters, they could participate. (“C, catching colds.” Let’s all pretend to sneeze. Achoo!) It’s a good book for them to chime in on, which I try to have preschoolers do as much as possible with any book.


The top spot, from Sister A: Oh, the Babysitters Club; never a dull moment.

I’m not sure we need to worry about Judy’s legacy. Her books will keep it going.

YES YES YES YES Ready Player One release date!

Pretty accurate… and, honestly, a little pretentious.

Another great use for graphic novels.

13/14 because I didn’t read one of these books.

No one spends time here without being changed. Maybe you should go home. While you still can.

From Camp Friend D:

You know who they are.

From Friend D:

Hey, JKR did it…

Grammar FTW.

Anna: idk divorce is like all i can think about

Charts and graphs, all about sex.

From Friend L:

A crazy crazy Harry Potter theory, but it makes legit sense.

From Friend P:

Having heard enough from men, the author of this piece wanted to hear more from women writers.

From Mama Bear:

This has been growing. It’s on my Facebook newsfeed, people have sent this to me, and frankly I’m having trouble dealing with it. As far as I can remember, we’ve been at peace with Eurasia and at war with Eastasia. Wait, what am I saying? Wrong book. It’s BerenstEin. I’m sure of it. Right? Right?

And in other news, the sky is blue.

Possibly the weirdest thing Mama Bear ever sent me, and that’s saying a lot.

Or, are the children’s books winking too much at the adults?

Why reading aloud to older students is worthwhile.

From Sister A:

Fuel in the fire

All of these, but particularly Brian Selznick, after she and I got a sneak preview from the man himself earlier this year!

Plus ca change…

It was National Book Day the other day! Hurray!

How well do you know your children’s book covers?


In What’s Annabelle Reading, I reread Rebecca for the millionth time. It’s so wonderful, so well-written, creepy and foreboding and lyrical. Just go read it already.


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