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School is back in session and we’re battening down the hatches for some changes around here.

I’m really, really, REALLY excited to share that we’re going to be changing around some of our programming! We’re going to switch around some of our preschool and toddler storytimes – just for convenience’s sake – but… but…. but!

Monday nights at 7, starting September 14, we’ll be having… PAJAMA STORYTIME!

I guess I don’t need to tell you who’s signed up for all of them in September.

We’re also going to be partnering with a local museum for their storytimes on Saturdays, and altering our Sunday programming, too, which I think has definitely needed a refresher. Each month, it will look like this:

1st Sunday: STEAM, as before

2nd Sunday: Book Share – like a book club, but probably without a required book for everyone to read. Instead, talking about genres, or what we like about books, etc.

3rd Sunday: Lego Club. The popularity of Lego is, and has been for a while, over the moon. When I was at Branch earlier this year, their weekly Lego Club was always well-attended. It’s a good time. So it makes sense that we’d have one, too.

4th Sunday: An open, one-off program. The 4th Sunday in September, my coworker G is going to have a library camping program – doesn’t that sound fun?

If there’s a fifth Sunday, well, we’ve come up with something awesome. There are only 2 this year, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Confidential to my Birthday Twin: Happy belated birthday, you sexy thing!


The top link – fantasy isn’t really my style, but there are quite a few books on this list that pique my interest. The Patrick Rothfuss books at #1 are particularly fun.

I object, strenously. “Rom com” and “Jane Austen” are words that should never, ever be in the same sentence together.

“Your younger sibling is a real thorn in your side, but secretly, you value them above all else and would lay down your life for them in a heartbeat.” (Just like Sister A, hahahaha)

And speaking of Goosebumps, this is actually a really neat premise.

From Coworker J:

Ursula K. LeGuin’s take on Go Set a Watchman.

A delightful TED talk from children’s author Mac Barnett.

From Friend D:

Perish the thought!

I was hoping this article would mention Go Ask Alice (which I read voraciously as a teen).

From Mama Bear:

Holy cow, where do I sign up???

If you’re not Goosebumps-ed out, here’s the NYT’s By the Book” on R.L. Stine.

One of the rules I’m really a hardass about at work is unattended kids. Our rule is that a 9-year-old child can be alone, and a 13-year-old can watch his/her younger sibling. But I get hot under the collar in a big way when parents leave their children alone, even if it’s for “just a minute,” if they’re even a day younger than 9. It strikes me as outrageously irresponsible. Sometimes we’re asked flat out if we will watch children, at which we issue a hasty denial that we are not responsible. Then there are the kids who have, throughout the summer, camped out all day in front of the computer, and have barely gotten up to go to the bathroom, and skipped lunch altogether. It breaks my heart. I’ll get off my soapbox now, but as the article’s title says, “Libraries aren’t day cares.”

Charming and beautiful.

From Sister A:

This makes so much more sense, dontcha think?

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’ve kind of had a mental letdown since finishing SevenevesI have to admit. It’s such an epic that it stuck with me for so long.  After that, I read Re Jane, a retelling of Jane Eyre, and I liked it more than I thought I would, but of course it’s not Jane Eyre and no retelling ever could be. Then I had bought Crazy Rich Asians for myself – one of Annabelle’s Book Rules: if I take it out of the library at least twice, I should just buy it – and reread that again. (I’m currently #35 on the library’s holds list for the sequel.)

Then I read Emily Schultz’ The Blondeswhich I didn’t like as much as I’d hoped I would. (Read her hilarious blog here, about her mixup with Stephen King.) Most recently, I finished The Wicked Girls, which took me a while to get into, but I enjoyed more and more as it reached its conclusion.


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