It’s Lego Time!


Just a quick post here to chat about Legos in the library.

Legos can be a big draw at a library with relatively little effort. Acquiring said Legos take the most time and money; they can be expensive to buy, but with a little ingenuity – begging on a listserv, checking out Freecycle, asking friends with older kids who’ve grown out of their Lego love, stalking eBay- you may be able to score some for free or on the cheap.

At my branch, we got four starter classic sets.


As you can see, they came with the pieces bagged by color, and it took some time to put the wheels, doors, windows, etc. together. (Pumpkin Spice Latte not included.) I did this for three of our starter sets, since we’re not anticipating a mega-turnout just yet. We should be so lucky. But not yet. So this took about an hour to put them together.

Finally, I had them all sorted.


I split them into two sets (both pretty full), and a box of accoutrements: wheels, platforms, doors, etc.

And because yours truly is seriously Type A, I made this sheet (please forgive the photo quality):


The sheet has the numbers of all the doors and windows and platforms and Lego pry-aparter-thingys, so that we can count before, and after, Lego Club to make sure we have all the pieces. We waited a while to get them – I am not losing a window in the first few months!

The only thing we “need” (don’t need that would be nice to have) that we’re missing are some minifigures. But maybe we can get those in time.

I was really excited to be the staff member at the first Lego Club. And I had a wildly exciting turnout of ONE participant! But you know what? We had a great time. I copied the way that participants got their stock of Legos from how they do it at Neighborhood Branch: everyone gets a scoop of Legos onto a plate (or multiple scoops, if there aren’t that many people there) and then can pick out some of the doors and wheels and such.

I built a pirate ship.


The patron, an awesome little dude who comes often, built a jail cell. It’s hella creative.

image (1)

At the bottom right is the door into the jail cell. At the bottom left, the red round thing is the heat source for the cell. The brown thing above the gray round thing in the center is the bench to sit on with an ottoman. There are four sodas on the green shelf and a brownie. The enclosed room on the right is a toilet room with a drain and a mop. Isn’t that just doggone creative????

We’re only having Lego Club the second Sunday of every month. I wish it were more often, and I wish I could staff every one. But sharing is caring, so I suppose I have to let my coworkers have their turn at it. (There are some great challenges planned: I know that Coworker G is going to do self-portraits in a few months. The next time that I do it, I’ll give everyone the chance to have either one or two scoops, and tell them that they can free build, but that they must use every single piece that they take. I’ll call it “Less is More.” I’m so diabolical.)

Legos are awesome! In fact, everything is awesome!


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    • I left our creations out on top of the DVDs as part of the Lego display for about a week, and then I discovered the fun of taking it all apart! Or the “fun” of it! We don’t have nearly as many as you all do, so at least it didn’t take as long…

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