Miscellany, 11.2.15


Here are a few things worth sharing:

Mama Bear was in Michael’s (the art supply store) today and saw this:

FullSizeRender (1)

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – there’s Jane Austen everything!

Boss handed out books AND candy on Halloween, and she said most of the kids chose the books. How awesome is that?

Speaking of Halloween, I went in full Harry Potter mode.


(There is a scar, but you have to look hard to the right of my head to see it.) The wand is a long paintbrush, and that is indeed a Gryffindor badge on my robe, which is Sister A’s undergrad graduation robe. She is not getting it back.

I worked on Saturday, and we were just empty. I would have guessed that we’d have at least some patrons, and those in costume, but nope. I mean, we had some, but no one stayed for long and it wasn’t a thrilling day. We’d had our Halloween events the weekend before, so perhaps that was why.

One of our cutest little boys was absolutely captivated today by a flock of birds flying by the window. They kept going back and forth, back and forth, and his face lit up each time they went by. Such simple joy.

On the other hand of that child coin, we have a father who comes in with his child – she’s perhaps four – and he treats her with contempt and rides her so hard to learn. They were in the Early Literacy playroom today, where we have a play kitchen, foam blocks, and some toys, and he pulled her out after about five minutes because, as he said to her, “you play with too many toys.” SHE IS A YOUNG CHILD, my good sir. He sits and drills her at the computer over her letters, and I can see the frustration and nervousness in her body language.

(Most disturbingly – and this is a trigger warning here for possible abuse, so you may want to skip to the next paragraph – I’ve had to speak to him a few times about his language directed at her, and once had to ask him to leave because he struck her. He mouthed off to me  (“Are you telling me I can’t discipline my own child?”) and I responded with, “Sir, you can discipline your child at home as you see fit, but we do not permit violence in our libraries, so I’m afraid you need to leave.”)

For every lovely moment I have with some children, there’s another moment that is not so lovely.

We received our new goals for next year. At first none of them thrilled me, but as I look, I’m getting more interested. I want to do more social media outreach, and partner with some of our local groups, and observe some of the myriad programs and classes in other departments here in Main Branch. Maybe even my committee work will count. That’d be pretty excellent.

We are weeding our way through the collection. Now we’re up to languages.


What a great problem to have, huh?

From Friend D:

One of the more positive reviews of “Robert Galbraith”‘s new book.

Getting back what’s lost in the interwebs.

Two creative authors have a discussion.

“If a book transports me, I am content.”

A lifetime’s work….

This is news? Judy Blume taught me everything I needed to know, so more recent authors are filling her void.


Crazy, but brilliant.

Want to make books come alive? Try these.

I don’t know how I feel about this – accessibility is a fine thing, but those books on a bookshelf are so impressive.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon!

I love this dude!

From Friend L:

I got “lilac, fresh linens, and iced lemonade.” Can’t argue with that.”

Watch yer grammar, kids.

From Mama Bear:

If what’s in this letter is true, this is an example of how being pro-technology, among other problems, can ruin a library system.

Disagree; libraries aren’t that bad off. (Boy, Mama Bear’s links are depressing right now, huh?)

Everything seems so much more right when LeVar Burton is involved.

“Shades of Harper Lee,” wrote Mama Bear in her email, but this seems to be vetted by the author, which brings me great excitement!

In What’s Annabelle Reading: I felt very special reading Bill Bryson’s newest book, which a) I bought in Cardiff, and b) none of you people can even read yet, because it’s not available in the U.S. till 2016! So ha ha to you.


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