Baby Storytime, 11/12/15 and Toddler Storytime, 11/13/15


Happy Friday the 13th, chickadees!

The babies of Thursday were so sweet. I didn’t take pictures of my two books (sorry), but we read Who Said Meow and the BIG BOOK version of The Wheels on the Bus. More songs – I’m getting so much better at “Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon”! – and there you have Baby Storytime.

My toddlers were both all over the place and sedentary today. It’s so odd.


We started with I See Kitty, which is new and frankly adorable, and they just weren’t into it – they were wandering and not paying attention. Remember, this is perfectly normal for that age, so it’s not like preschoolers were doing it and being inappropriate.

Then we sang “Shake My Sillies Out,” and I pulled out “Way Far Away on a Wild Safari,” which has a comforting rhythm to it. During my read of that, they were super-riveted. It may have been the active song we’d just sung, it may have been the rhythm, but the wandering stopped, all eyes were on me, and we did the actions together.

Go figure.


In the top spot: It’s not like this is a surprise, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

Cats and books, books and cats.

Don’t you just love this guy?

A new blog post from Jill Morrow!

From Friend D:

“The Statistical Dominance of Dr. Seuss.”

How’d you do? I did not do well.

I just checked her newest one out today! YAY!

You don’t hear much about typography today, but you should.

What say you about an actual Amazon store?

Learn more about the Octavia Butler archives.

Clearly a website I’m going to have to start following.


From Friend H:

How terrific is this? Don’t you want to stay here, forever?

From Mama Bear:

The side of libraries you never see…

… and how books move inside them.

A great review of a new YA book, written by a Baltimore private school librarian and Newbery medal winner!

“A public library is a public trust.”

How Richard Scarry’s books have changed over the years.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Emma is live!

Huzzah huzzah again for Dame Jacqueline Wilson.

What’s a No-Maj? Find out here.

A lovely Alice wandering through Oxford.

Could you pick just one? I don’t think I could.

“So on the nose,” Mama Bear wrote. Hilarious as always.

The startling voice of Mercer Mayer.

As a copyright move, it makes perfect sense.

From Sister A:

I feel Grumpy (Cat) about this.

Read on, Gryffindors!

Depending on how old you are, you might get really excited about this, like Sister A and I did.

How are book covers designed? Confessions from one such designer.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I thought this sounded so interesting, but alas, I just couldn’t finish it. I tried! Next, I read an interesting little book that had its basis in fact, and read like a delightful non-fiction book. (That’s a first: a novel that reads like non-fiction, but in the best way.)

The next book I read is a finalist for the National Book Award in young people’s literature, and rightly so. It was creative and thoughtful and brilliant. Finally, I picked up a book I’d been dying to read, and it too was a winner. It felt Hitchcockian and DuMaurier-like, and more like a novella than a proper book.


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