Gumdrop Wishes and Licorice Dreams


Saturday was International Games Day, and we thought we’d do something really fun in the children’s room. I mean, the Teen Space has its board games, and we lent our Wii to the adults, who could play that or some card games – Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic or Pokemon, etc. – so we really wanted to go all out for the little ones.

One of my coworkers had done a life-sized Candyland before, and we all agreed that that would be a lot of fun.

But it was also a LOT of work. We cut and taped and measured and formatted – and everyone pitched in. It was one of the best examples of teamwork I’d seen since I’d started at Main Branch. (And since this is going to be our last International Games Day here at Main Branch before we remodel, we wanted to go out with a bang.)

Once we’d set everything up, it looked amazing. All the landmarks were there:

Molasses Swamp:


Gumdrop Mountain:


King Licorice’s Castle and the Ice Cream Sea:


(A closer look at the Ice Cream Sea):


Begin at the beginning.


IMG_2861 (1)

Choose any path through Candyland, even the Rainbow Trail (sorry for the glare):


But don’t land on a licorice piece, or you’ll be stuck there for a turn…


Here’s the end! You’ve reached Candy Castle! Hurrah!


And here’s this sign:


We gave away a boatload of prizes and library swag: lunchbags, rubber duckies, drawstring bags, softballs left over from summer reading… since we’re getting into “move out” mode, we’re trying our best to clean out as much as possible.

We had a large turnout, with more attendees than we anticipated. The best part was that it was a passive program, so people could play at their own pace, whenever they wanted.

In other artsy news, Coworker P made this amazing turkey out of books. Isn’t this little guy just the most?



In the top spot, from Sister A, Shakespeare’s Choose Your Own Adventure.

Congrats to Neal Shusterman, who won the 2015 National Book Award for Challenger Deep (which I just finished and was amaaaaazing)!

A few secrets in here…

From Book Club Friend A:

Be careful with book titles – there are a lot of similar-sounding ones out there…

From Camp Friend D:

This takes some serious hard work

From Friend D:

She’s more than just “Art Spiegelman’s wife.”

A scientific look at the book/movie debate.

Undiscovered Charlotte Bronte works! Wow…

anyone else? 2015 is almost over….

Classic comics redux.

Why isn’t this everywhere yet?

A closer look at Baltimore’s “Book Thing.” It is even more awesome than the story depicts.

“The New Yorker Story.”

From Mama Bear:

Margaret Wise Brown and… modernism?

Yes, Horton Heard a Hitler.

From Sister A:

OH, IT’S ON! #hometownlove #GivingTuesday

But I love my old covers better…. (pouts)

What would Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia, and Dawn read? (Well, we know Claudia’s a Nancy Drew fan…)

Americans missed the boat on Enid Blyton.

“An interesting little list,” says Sister A. Ribbit.

An interview with Rainbow Rowell? Okay… (see below)!

It’s interesting when a call to read comes from a TV station.

It’s that time of year when we start writing up best lists.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’ve been a little slacky on books lately (sorry), without anything coming in on my holds list.

I read Beautiful Boy, an incredibly moving memoir about a father’s journey through his son’s addiction. It was not easy to read, but important.


I did read Carry On, Rainbow Rowell’s newest book, which is fictional fanfic (I can’t explain it, you have to be there), spinning out from Fangirl.  It’s about a boy wizard (I know) at a wizard school (I know) trying to defeat the most evil wizard there is (I know). And let’s be frank – this is NOT Harry Potter. It’s a sweet, meaningful book, LGBT-friendly, full of suspense and magic and JUST READ IT ALREADY.


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