Today’s Double Facepalm


The past few days I’ve been on a reorganizing kick for the board books. I’ve put the main authors together (Eric Carle, Tomie de Paola, Leslie Patricelli, etc.), and they’ve each gotten their own cubbyhole in an attempt to make finding their books easier, since they’re probably the most-requested board book authors.

Today, doing the actual book moving, the board book room was a mess. Books here, books there, books everywhere, piles and piles and piles. (Not unlike this moment from Clueless, except with books.) And that was the precise moment that a nanny came in, looked at the mess, and asked me, “Oh, do you have the board book of ‘The Wheels on the Bus?’ ”

I knew we did; I know our collection well. Yet I wanted to respond, “Lady, are you kidding? You took a second to see the state that this room is in, so obviously you have registered the towering piles of books around me. Do you really think I could find it right this very second?” But of course I didn’t say that. I just put on my best customer service smile  and said that I’d try to find it for her as soon as I could. But then she said it didn’t matter and grabbed a few books at random anyway.

But – for real?

I award this nanny the Double Facepalm for not only a ridiculous question, but for bad timing.



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