Preschool Storytime, Friday, June 17


My storytime today was small and full of newbies (children who didn’t know that they were supposed to not behave and parents who didn’t know they were supposed to be on their phones) and we had a great time.

The books, which disappeared into the kids’ hands immediately after we finished, were 66% new and all successful. We loved, and I’ll be sure to use again, Duck’s Vacation , an interactive book that had us laughing with every page. It reminded me a lot of one of my (also very meta) childhood favorites. Next, we read Jeff Newman’s Hand Book, and while I was reading it, I asked everyone to make the motions described in the books. This is another one for my regular rotation, that would even work well with toddlers, too. We finished off with The Seals on the Bus, which none of them knew, and it surprised them.

A winner for a Friday, for sure.

Today is the last day of school for our local public school system.

Let us briefly bow our heads in prayer as a long summer stretches before us.

My moment of the day: When a man came and asked me if I could print him out information on a wig store in Chicago, and I had to say no, because we’re the children’s department, but the adult services section down the hall would be happy to help him. (This is not that unusual, the adults asking me for things, but that request was a bit on the odd side. I mean, hey, you want to research wigs, buddy? You go right ahead. You do you.)

In other news, on Wednesday night I ran into my friend J. (Hi, J!), and she had just come from seeing a sneak preview of The BFG. She said it was great. How could it not be, right, with Spielberg directing? Thanks for the heads up, J. Can’t wait to see it, too!

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I read The Royal We again. Shut up. I love it. It’s so un-fluffy and the characters so well-developed and charming and it’s so, so much more than just “Will and Kate if Kate were American.” I can’t help it.

I don’t often talk about what I’m currently reading, but right now I’m reading the scariest book of the year, bar none. Can’t wait to finish it.


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