Kids Club Wednesday, June 23


Because school is out – and most of us have survived so far – we’ve started a new program called Kids Club (put the apostrophe where ye may), in which from 2 – 3 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday we have a program full of whatevers (games, STEAM, etc.) for 6 – 12 year-olds.

I could have been brainy, I could have been sciency, but nope, we made fortune tellers because… why not?

(Through definitive scientific research, i.e. crowdsourcing on Facebook, I discovered that most of my friends called them fortune tellers, while my New England friends grew up calling them cootie catchers.)

Even funnier, I discovered that not only did Mama Bear and Daddio know what they are – I didn’t expect them to – but they both made them when they were younger, in the 19somethings. Coworker J. sent me this link about their history; fascinating!

In other news, today I found a book that may be the Holy Grail for little boys. A three?year-old asked me for a book that had both dinosaurs AND trucks in it, and after a shockingly short amount of searching, I found possibly the most perfect book, in which dinosaurs drive trucks. The end, that’s it, I can now quit my job knowing I’ve found the most perfect book ever.

The oddest sentence I’ve said today (and we still have over 2.5 hours of work left): “No, sir, I’m not going to have dinner with you tonight at the soup kitchen.”

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished the scary book to which I alluded in the most recent post: it’s Joe Hill’s The Fireman. Not as scary as NOS4A2but still superscary. Once I finished that, I needed to read something a bit fluffier, so I picked up something I’d been wanting to read for a while and that Sister A loved, too. I’m due for a rewatch.

And this is how I feel about rewatching it, for the 80000th time.


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