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2s and 3s Storytime, Thursday, February 27


Sometimes you have just what is a really great storytime, when everything comes together, when everyone’s participating, and having a good time, and it just all meshes together in a beautiful storytimey…ness. 

Which is what happened today. I love the 2s and 3s most of all. They’re in a sweet spot between being babies (who I love, but could be speaking Martian to) and being preschoolers (who I love, but are wild).


Today’s theme, as you can guess, was hands, so in addition to our regular songs, we also sang “Open, Shut Them,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “Where is Thumbkin,” so they could use their hands as much as possible. 

The only drawback – bad Annabelle – was that storytime was too short. We were having such a good time, and I walked out of storytime, and looked at the clock, and thought, “Dammit, it’s only 11:15?” I should have planned to do more – planned to do another book, or more songs, or a flannel. Sigh.

The most fun part of the day today was during my time in Teens. (I know, hope you’re sitting down.) We’re trying to put together a 3D puzzle (this one, if you care), and it’s harder than hell. But we have a lot of teens sitting down, taking a few minutes to put pieces together, and just chatting. It was nice. I can’t describe it any other way. 

More links! (Why does it always happen that as soon as I finish a post, Mama Bear sends me another link? How does she know?)

I got Jane Austen, because the sky is blue and grass is green and OBVIOUSLY.

New York City isn’t for everyone. I love it, but I can only last 2 days or so before I break out in hives. I would, however, move there, for this.

Also, about New York City, how the DiBlasio administration might make potential renovations to the main library on 42nd. (By the way, do you know the names of the lions out front? I do! They’re Patience and Fortitude.)

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’ve started a new book yet – on Mama Bear’s recommendation – that I’m not sure if I like yet or not. It started off promising, so I hope it holds up.

From Friend D, some YA books that are worth your time. (Most of the YA books are worth your time. These particularly.)